Medicare Supplement High Deductible G

medicare supplement high deductible g

Medicare Supplement Plan High Deductible G acts like traditional Plan G. The only difference is that High Deductible Plan G has an annual deductible. In other words, High Deductible G becomes identical to Plan G once the deductible has been met. Keep in mind that neither Plan G or High Deductible G will pay for the Part B Deductible. Medicare Supplement Plan High Deductible G has an annual deductible of $2,370 in 2021. Therefore, your coverage will begin only after you have satisfied the deductible. However, you will find that the premiums for High Deductible G Plan are much less than Plan G. As a result, it is one of the most economical Medigap plans available on the market.

As a result of Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), first dollar coverage plans were eliminated effective 1/1/2020. Therefore, Plans F, C and High Deductible F are not available for Medicare new eligibles. Those individuals that enrolled in Medicare Part A or Part B prior to January 1, 2020 can still enroll in those plans. Those individuals that were already enrolled in Plans F, C and High Deductible F prior to 1/1/2020, can remain in those plans.

As a result of these changes in Medicare Supplement plans, a new Medigap plan was made available. Plan High Deductible G is available to individuals who are new to Medicare on or after January 1, 2020.

Medicare Supplement High Deductible G Benefits

Part A Hospital Coinsurance

  • Days 61-90 of a hospital stay in each Medicare benefit period.
  • Days 91-150 of a hospital stay. Medicare will only pay for these 60 days once during your lifetime.

Additional Part A Hospital Benefits

  • An extra 365 days of inpatient hospital care after you use your Original Medicare hospital benefits.

Part B Coinsurance

  • Pays for the Part B coinsurance. Part B co-insurance is 20%. But plan deductible ($2,370 in 2021) must be met first.

Part A and B Blood Coverage

  • Pays for the first three pints of blood per calendar year.

Part A Hospice Coinsurance

  • Pays for outpatient prescriptions drug and inpatient respite care coinsurance. In other words, you pay nothing for hospice care.

Part A Deductible

  • Pays for Part A Deductible. In 2021, the Medicare Part A Deductible is $1,484. Therefore, It increased $76 from 2020.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • In 2021, the co-payment for skilled nursing is $185.50/day for days 21-100. It was $176/day in 2020. Therefore, it increased $9.50.

Part B Excess Charges

That is to say, if you go to a provider that does not accept Medicare assignment, that provider is allowed to charge an additional 15%. Above all, Medigap High Deductible G plan pays for the excess charges.

Foreign Travel Emergency

  • Plan High Deductible G pays only for emergency care
  • Pays only after you first meet and pay a $250 deductible.
  • Pays 80% of billed charges for Medicare eligible expenses. Services must me medically necessary.
  • Has a $50,000 lifetime maximum benefit.