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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

3 things to consider when choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan:
  1. Price
  2. A.M. Best Rating of Insurer
  3. Decide which benefits you want, and then decide which of the Medigap Plans A through N meet your needs.

Every Medicare Supplement Plan or Medigap policy must follow Federal and state laws designed to protect you and the policy must be clearly identified as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.” Medigap insurance companies in most states can only sell a standardized Medigap policy identified by letters A through N. Each standardized Medigap policy must offer the same benefits, no matter which insurance company sells it.
In Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Medigap policies are standardized in a different way. In some states, you may be able to buy another type of Medigap policy called Medicare SELECT. Medicare SELECT Plans contain restrictions on your use of providers.

Medicare Supplement Specialists will help you analyze your options and assist you in selecting the Medicare Supplement Plan that offers the best combination of coverage and pricing with a financially stable company. Medicare Supplement Specialists represent many Medicare Supplement insurers in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, guaranteeing a wide range of options for our clients. Let us do the work for you!

As your agent, Medicare Supplement Specialists will always be available to you with any questions about Medicare Supplement insurance, Medicare Part D plans, etc.

Each Medigap plan pays for a particular set of benefits. Plan A offers the fewest benefits and is usually the least expensive. Plans that offer more benefits, like Plan F, are generally more expensive.

The most popular Medigap plans are C and F, because they cover major benefits and are less expensive than many other plans.

Prior to June 1, 2010 all Medigap plans were required to include the following basic benefits:

Hospital coinsurance coverage

  • 365 additional days of full hospital coverage
  • Full or partial coverage for the 20 percent coinsurance for doctor charges and other Part B services
  • Full or partial coverage for the first 3 pints of blood you need each year

All Medigap plans sold starting June 1, 2010 (including new plans M and N) must offer these basic benefits and also pay all or part of the hospice coinsurance for drugs and respite care.

Depending on which Medigap plan you choose, you can get coverage for additional expenses Medicare doesn't cover, including:

  • Hospital deductible
  • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Part B deductible
  • Emergency care outside the U.S.
  • At-home recovery
  • Preventive care that Medicare does not cover
  • Excess doctor charges. “Excess charges” refer to the amount above the Medicare-approved amount “non-participating doctors” can charge.

New plans M and N will offer some of these additional benefits.  Plan M will cover the basic benefits and also cover half of the Part A deductible, skilled nursing facility coinsurance, and some of the cost of foreign travel emergencies. Plan N will also cover the basic benefits except for $20 co-payments for office visits and $50 co-payments for emergency room visits. Plan N will also offer foreign travel emergency coverage and cover the full Part A deductible as well as skilled nursing facility coinsurance.




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