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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan G

Medigap Plan G covers the basic set of benefits. These basic benefits include most Medicare Part A and B coinsurance amounts, blood, and additional hospital benefits not covered by Original Medicare. Plan G also covers the Part A Deductible, Skilled Nursing Facilities. Part B Excess Charges and Foreign Travel Emergency.

Part A Hospital Coinsurance

  • Days 61-90 of a hospital stay in each Medicare benefit period.
  • Days 91-150 of a hospital stay. Medicare will only pay for these 60 days once during your lifetime.

Additional Part A Hospital Benefits

  • An extra 365 days of inpatient hospital care after you use your Original Medicare hospital benefits.


Part B Coinsurance

Pays for the Part B coinsurance after you meet your annual deductible.

Part A and B Blood Coverage

Pays for the first three pints of blood per calendar year.

Part A Hospice Coinsurance

Pays for outpatient prescriptions drug and inpatient respite care coinsurance.

Part A Deductible

In 2020, the Medicare Part A Deductible is $1,408. Medigap Plan G covers the deductible amount.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

In 2020, the co-payment for skilled nursing is $176/day for days 21-100. Medigap Plan G covers the co-payment amount.

Part B Excess Charges

If you go to a provider that does not accept Medicare assignment, that provider is allowed to charge an additional 15%. Plan G will cover that additional 15% charge at 100%.

Foreign Travel Emergency

  • Pays only for emergency care
  • Pays only after you first meet and pay a $250 deductible.
  • Pays 80% of billed charges for Medicare eligible expenses for medically necessary hospital, physician, and medical care received in a foreign country. You would be responsible for the other 20%.
  • Has a $50,000 lifetime maximum benefit.


Plan G Advantages:

  • Plan G has fewer Guranteed Issue situations than Plans A, C, and F - rewarding people with more stable rate increases
  • Some people could save seceral hundred dollars by choosing Plan G over Plan F
  • Even though people with Plan G pay the Part B deductible, they often save more in premium by choosing Plan G over Plan F






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